Loving Retro and Being A Mommy

Hello Everyone!

Bella Bon Voyage here and I am so excited to get the chance to say HELLO!

As a woman who battled with herself for most of her twenties, I feel like I finally know who I am. There are labels that I could use to define myself, but mostly I fall somewhere between the realm of whimsical and crazy.

Ben 1 Month (10 of 13)

Recently I became of mother of FOUR and found myself battling chaos, sleeplessness, and depression. How can I balance my life when it was so crazy? It was a question that I began to ask myself A LOT. My three children with my husband, Michael, were all a case of (several different kinds) of birth control gone bad. With my last being a failure of an IUD. An utterly terrifying experience especially after we were given such a bleak outlook from our OB.


From the day we brought home little Turkey to the day we brought home little Scoots, our lives have been non-stop cuddles, time outs, and silly craziness. Then the shadow fell over me, postpartum depression…and it fell hard.

Ben 1 Month (12 of 13)

Suddenly, I found myself struggling to care for myself. Filling my cup the very last for days on end. It was around then that I decided to renew my love for all things 50s Bombshell. Setting my hair, painting on those trademark red lips, pulling on a beautiful swing dress all helped to keep the darkness at bay. They were like a glorious shield, protecting my heart and mind from hurt.

Photo Credit to Erin White Photography at!/HOME

I still have those bad days, as I am not out of the woods yet but they are becoming easier to bear. In any case, I can always slap on some Meet Matt(e) Hughes by The Balm and feel like I am better able to face the world…or just my (always wanting a snack) children.

Love Always!



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