Pinup on a Budget

As we all know vintage/retro fashions, accessories, and make up can add up and do some damage to your poor pocketbook. With four kids to care for, I often have to be quite savvy with our budget. A feat to be proud of for any Mom!

Grace Karin


So what is a Mom to do when she positively drools over swing dresses and circle skirts she is inundated with on Instagram?

Turn to a cheaper option.

I found that I was pleasantly surprised with Grace Karin dresses. They came in a large variety of styles, colors, and were well constructed-all for a reasonable price! I admit, I went a little crazy…but I had nothing but pajamas and workout wear to dress my post-pregnancy body!


When it came to accessories, I have been slowly purchasing small items that I can use for multiple outfits. These fun pops of color can add a little zing to each outfit which can take it from meh to BLAM! But its a slow process…very very slow.

JPNK Oval Makeup Brushes

In addition to suffering from postpartum depression, I am also beginning to suffer from dreaded cystic acne. I found these beauties through a Lightening Deal on Amazon for under $6! I found they smoothed my foundation over my lumps and bumps so much easier than the method I was using prior, and for the price I am quite happy with them!



My big splurge? Sauvecita

This stuff…is the thing of legends. I just love the scent and holding power of it all. When I do a wet set, I spray each section of slightly damp hair with Lottabody then roll it into rollers or pin curls. During the brush out, the pomade and grooming spray help to tame my fine hair into smooth curls. The best part is how much smoother my victory rolls have become. No more wispy hairs for this Pinup Mama!



What is a manicure? Goodness knows it has been more than a few years since I have had one of those. Years of diaper changes, dishes, and laundry have taken their toll but I still have fun with inexpensive nail polishes. Lets be honest, a manicure on a Mom is only going to last a day at the most, so I just slap some color when I want to feel sassy (or have an appointment to go to).


Last but not least, these beauties

If you are like me, you are probably recovering from the early 2000s pluck-a-thon that our poor eyebrows endured. Enter ABH brow gel.

I mean wow, where has this stuff been all my life? And better yet? Why did I pluck myself down to just 7 hairs over each eye?

It takes some practice to get it perfect, but once you have got the hang of it watch out!

Next is The Balm’s liquid lipstick and liquid eyeliner. They go on smooth…so smooth. The lipstick in Loyal is the perfect shade for my skin tone and it lasts all day. The eyeliner has the thinnest tip I have every used, which is great considering I have incredibly hooded eyes. (No cat eye for this mama)

Final thoughts?

Anyone can do this! Practice, savvy budgeting, and a willingness to stumble at times is all it takes.

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