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A Lovely Shopping Day


One thing mothers often forget to do is to fill our own cups. Whether due to stress, lack of time, or whatever reason our cups are the last to be filled. This week has been one of boredom, fatigue, and insanity as we were down to just one vehicle. True definition: The children and I were trapped in our village all week. Outcome: Constant begging to go to the “big park” located in another village, crying, and two very energetic little toddlers.


Enter Facebook messenger in all its glory. A simple question of “Do you want to go shopping without children?” This simple question turned into a glorious day of meandering through the mall in downtown Kaiserslautern, K in the Lautern.

I took care in choosing my outfit, styling my hair, and putting on my makeup as this was the first time I had been out in public for over a week. I wanted to look and feel my absolute best! An overnight wet set ensured that my hair would cooperate for that perfect 50s bombshell bob, complete with an epic front swoop. One I will probably never again be able to attain. Ahh C’Est la Vie…

Dusty, but such a wonderful sight!

Walking through the mall without children in tow was just bliss. Now I love my children, but sometimes a mama just needs to be with a gal pal to center herself again. We spent hours wandering Primark, eating delicious pretzels from the bakery, and delighting in the fact that we could chat uninhibited.

It was in a word: GLORIOUS

The lovely, Fearn!

So, my dear mothers out there, when you start to feel your cup empty please take the time you need to fill it.

Because you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Wet Set Details:

Lotta Body Texturizing Setting Lotion
Conair Body and Bounce Extra Large Foam Rollers, 12 Count
Suavecito Suavecita Pomade for Women, 113g
Denman Classic Medium 7 Row Styling Brush D3

Outfit Details:
Dress: Sleeveless Classy Vintage Tea Dress with Belt Size S F-11
Cardigan: New Look
Shoes: Primark
Parasol:Tinksky Lace Umbrella Parasol Romantic Wedding Umbrella Photograph (White)

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