A Retro Picnic on a Perfect Summer Day


Nothing rings in summer for me like a picnic! With a newborn in the house, planning and executing fun events can be a little hard to do. Today though, it was perfect. Not too hot or too bright and we were able to celebrate our own little family milestone: Ben is now three months! He has exited the realm of newborn and entered the big ol’ world of being an infant.

With such a rough start in the beginning, milestones have been indicators of how far we have come. Each month becomes a little easier, as I grow and adapt more and more to such a hectic life. In acknowledgment of how far we had all come, I wanted to ring in this milestone in style. So today, we chose to celebrate and truly enjoy each others silliness and love.

How do you do that?

Air popped popcorn, lemonade, and watermelon were the perfect (and delicious) snack for a mid-afternoon bit of fun. I found the most adorable little mason jars in two different sizes at Nanu Nana which were perfect for ice cold lemonade and teeny toddler hands.


My vintage picnic basket that I chanced upon last year at the Homburg Flohmarkt was the icing on the cake. For under 15 euro, I have a lasting and gorgeous basket that I can use over and over again for occasions such as these!

To my dear little Ben, keep growing. Each day you become a little more alert, a little more silly, and a lot more loud! I love watching you and your siblings grow each and every day.

My cup is definitely full today.




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