Cloth Diapering According to Bella!


So as you all know by now, we found ourselves a little overwhelmed very quickly in terms of child rearing. After we married in 2012, we quickly found ourselves slammed into the wild world of parenting!




Sweet apples and caramel! One baby after the next found their way into our lives, complete with gummy grins and the most precious snuggles.


Now, I was no mathematician but I knew for sure that buying diapers for our babies was going to be a pretty hefty financial responsibility.

Which finally brings me to cloth diapers!

I scoured the internet for financially feasible ways to cloth diaper. I mean scoured. Now I know there are people who are really into one diaper or another, but I found Alva Baby Diapers and was hooked! The All in One diaper with the charcoal insert was just the thing my family needed. For less than $100 per child, I was able to purchase the diapers with the inserts that I needed to keep them dry, clean, and happy.


And did I mention the patterns? Foxes, monsters, fruits, Pokemon, and even Harry Potter! Oh my little kiddos bottoms were adorable even clothed!

Then the reality of our teeny tiny European washer struck me like lightening bolt…that is until I saw our trash can and the bi-weekly pick up schedule. So to ensure that I did not overfill my washer I would wash about 10 diapers at a time. This equated to a load every day in my economical washer, followed by drying them on a rack or clothesline if the weather permitted.

As far as washing them goes, I tried several different methods but the one that stuck for me and worked for our family was a mixture of detergent and Bravil Hygiene Spuler. Got those fluffy cuties clean every time! I would just make sure to shake and rinse off whatever was inside them right into the toilet, then I would stick them into a bucket to await the next washing.


Now it is important to remember that this is what works for my family and my children. If you find inspiration here then YAY! If not, I hope you at least enjoyed my insanely cheesy photos.


Outfit details:

Shoes: Primark
Petticoat: Paul Jones
Hair Flower: Shazam!

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