A Pinup at a Tea Party

Facebook is a lovely thing sometimes. It helps you connect with people from all walks of life, find old friends, and even make new ones! It was thanks to Facebook, that I found myself invited to the most splendid event: A Tea Party!


Complete with scones, this was one of the more fun events that I have ever been to! The food was amazing, and the company even more so. For a Mommy whose daily companions are all under the age of 4, having some adult conversation was a rare treat!


We were even given the chance to pick out our own beautiful little teacup! It was just such a cute and quaint little gathering, I just found myself gushing over everything. I am just partial to all things pretty and this party really fulfilled that for me.

So if you find yourself over in Olsbrucken, check out Tweedle Dee Tea and you will not be disappointed!


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