A Pinup’s Obsession with Besame

A luxury makeup brand known across the vintage and pinup scenes is Besame. I have been coveting their products for quite some time, as they are artfully crafted be true replicas of makeup from yesteryear. Well I finally managed to get my hands on some and I am hooked!



Their Violet Brightening Powder helps to correct the yellow and redness I often find in my cheeks and around my nose. (Thank you sleepless nights) I loved how pristine it helped to make my face appear, along with my trusty Becca foundation. Eventually, I would like to try their newest addition the Cashmere Foundation Stick. My post-pregnancy hormones are still wreaking a little havoc with my skin though, so I will have to wait! The powder does not make my face cakey and really helped to take those red undertones out of my skin, which is something that I have been searching for!


Now onto the lipstick…

Besame specializes in recreating shades that were popular from the 1920s all the way into the 1970s. Their Victory Red and Red Velvet lipsticks have graced the lips of beautiful pinups, celebrities, and even our favorite secret agent, Peggy Carter.

Upon first try of their Victory Red lipstick I was taken aback by how rich the color was. It never ceased to amaze me throughout the day as it had staying power unlike any red lipstick I had tried yet. It honestly stayed more like a lip stain! At the end of the day, I still had plenty of color left on my lips without any reapplying since 9 that morning. In fact, my go-to makeup remover, coconut oil, could barely make a dent in the color left. So it is easy to say that I am impressed with the staying power and tone of this lipstick.


Eventually I would love to see all of the Besame products grace my vanity. Until then, I will have to covet what I do have!

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