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A Pinup’s Thoughts on Saying Goodbye

As you may know, not only am I a veteran but I am also married to a service member. This means goodbyes have become an all too frequent part of my life. What makes this “See Ya Later” even more bittersweet is the simple fact that I feel like we had just realized how wonderful a friendship between us could be!


From shared ideals, to shared heartache we found began to find out just how much we had in common the longer we talked. When I began to have a breakdown due to PPD, there she was…ready to help in any way she could. It is so hard to reach out when you feel like you are falling. Fear of judgement can be a huge hurdle to overcome when you need to reach out.


For this goodbye lunch, we visited Kullman’s Diner in Kaiserslautern. It was amazing, as it really did feel like a little bit of the US was right there with us! Which made it a little more sad as I won’t be joining her anytime soon in the land across the Atlantic. But at least the shakes were delicious.


Growing up, goodbyes were numerous and hard to get through. From one assignment to the next, I had to say tearful goodbyes to so many over the years. As an adult, I have found myself more and more shut in, so saying goodbye has gotten much harder as a result of it. Thankfully, technology has made it so much easier to at least stay in touch. A quick message a few times a month do so much to help feel like you are staying a part of each others lives. This almost bittersweet interaction does help ease the isolation that can sometimes be motherhood.

And who knows, we may find ourselves receiving the exact same assignment soon enough. That time of the assignment is fast approaching, and I have begun to feel that itch. That third year internal signal that it is time to move on and head out on the next adventure, where ever that may be.


Outfit Details:


Dress: Belle Poque

Belt: Belle Donne

Shoes: Chase & Chloe

Hair Flower: Shazam

Earrings: Gifted

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