A Pinup’s Review- Lady Voluptuous

As a woman who has given birth to four seemingly watermelon-sized children, I have found myself to be a little more curvy than I was when I was 18. Although my body has changed dramatically, I am learning to love each curve, scar, and mark. Dressing in the fashions of yesteryear always makes me happy, as I feel like it shows that I do love and care about myself. I love myself enough to wash my hair, put on makeup, and put on an outfit that makes me feel like a showstopper. Which leads me to my showstopping dress…

Courtney Elmore-73

Lady V London has an amazing line of clothing for lovely sized women called Lady Voluptuous . And boy, let me tell you those dresses are worth every penny. I recently purchased a now out of stock dress while it was on sale, and I am so happy that I did!

Courtney Elmore-119

The colors of the dress are vibrant and there are no flaws in the overall pattern. The fabric itself is thicker as well, which helps to hide all of the lines and bumps from my under garments, although it was too hot this day to attempt to wear my Orchard Corset. But even without it, I was quite happy with how the dress fit my body. My only complaint would be my arms, but that is my complaint with most clothing as my upper arms cause the fabric to pull a tad uncomfortably.

Courtney Elmore-13

All in all, this is a dress that I am quite happy that I purchased. I felt amazing in it, and loved that my hair cooperated with me that day.

Finally, a special thank you to Wide Aperture Photography, Otis really knew how to put a smile on my face that day!

Courtney Elmore-76

Outfit Details:

Dress: LadyVLondon

Shoes: J. Adams

Hair Flower: Shazam

Earrings: My own

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