A Pinup on the Fourth of July!

Independence Day! That day of celebration, fireworks, and food! This year was more laid back as you can imagine with three little ones in tow, but we still managed to have fun all the same. I also wanted to be very festive while staying within my beloved 50s look. So I broke out all of my red, white, and blue!


Roaming through the food tents, rides, and games while my children pointed out each marvel was so refreshing after a long weekend of stomach flu epidemics, wakeful nights, and lots and LOTS of bleach. So much bleach…


In the end, we did not get to see any fireworks but we did light a couple of sparklers to make up for it! Not the same, but my children were enthralled with the beauty in front of them, no matter how small it may have seemed to us.


Outfit Details:

Dress: Belle Poque

Cardigan: MAC Sweater

Belt: Belle Donne

Shoes: J. Adams

Hair Flowers: Shazam

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