A Pinup’s Review – Lady V London



What a fun print, I mean who doesn’t love a good ol’ banana dress? I know my children certainly appreciated my choice in fabric. Monkey noises and banana requests were slung in my direction all day!


The cut of the dress was so very flattering, it hugged my body without being too tight within the waist. It was also very true to size, which I am thankful for. The print was insanely colorful and bright, so I will be sure to clean this dress with the utmost of care.


The fabric of the dress is so soft, it is probably one of the more nicer fabrics I have ever found on a tea dress. Which made it even more awesome that I snagged this during one of Lady V London’s big sales. Honestly? Do yourself a favor and snag a dress in this print!


This style of dress is no longer available in this print however the Phoebe or Eloise styles are available at Lady V London!

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