A Pinup’s Review- Lady V London

Charlotte Dress – Beautiful Birds on Blue

What a dress! Oh what a dress! I felt immeasurably gorgeous in this dress, and isn’t that what clothing is all about? When I saw this dress, I had to have it. The beautiful pattern and deep rich color called out to my peacock color loving soul.


The print is so fun and vibrant. The blues are as deep as the reds, pinks, and oranges are bright. Which makes this dress one of my new favorites. The fabric is a silky material, but has very little give. You would need to be sure of your measurements when purchasing this dress.


The waist on this dress was a little lower than some of my other dresses, which I found I actually preferred. I felt like it accentuated the thinnest part of my waist slightly better, and I like all the help I can get with that!

The length of the dress is longer too, which I adore. I prefer for my knees to at least be covered sometimes. Then I don’t have to shave as high! *wink*


And lastly…

IT HAS POCKETS! I mean a dress with pockets that looks this fantastic? Well I can honestly say you would be hard pressed to make something better. I am a mom, I need pockets! Usable, deep pockets that can be filled with tissues, snacks, or toy cars!


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