A Pinup is Tries Hard to be Motherly

Parenting is hard, no one can ever say otherwise. There are days where I am taken aback by how I got here to begin with. There are currently five people in this house that I feel depends on me in some way shape or form, and that can be just plain daunting.


Yes there are days in which I think “Why did I do this whole stay at home thing??” Then I remember the deadlines, emails, and additional duties which all contributed to an absolute emotional and mental breakdown at one point and later led to my physical health becoming extremely affected.

Parenting though…its a different sort of hard because there just seems to be no time for anything but rush rush rush! I am rushing to clean the house, rushing to make food, rushing to run errands, rushing to change a poopy diaper…you get the picture.

Sky Painted 2.jpg

Now add our newest addition to the mix. I feel like I missed out on a lot of experience parenting that age group because of his living situation. However, I am learning as I go. I am finding that he wants desperately to feel loved, to feel a part of the family, and to be heard. So I am trying my best despite having the skills that I perceive that I would need to feel “totally prepared.” (As if there was such a thing) I am always looking into advice and reading on parenting techniques now!

Our middle two are also having a little bit of a hard time adjusting. One wanting to be like the big brother and the other wanting to revert back to being a baby. By praising the good behavior as much a possible I am hoping to help to encourage appropriate behavior and emotional responses from each of them. But it is so so hard.


This time is precious to me though. My children all live under the same roof. They all get kisses and tucked into bed by me every night. This was something I never knew up until this point. And while it lasts I am going to do my damnedest to try and enjoy it.

Sky Painted.jpg

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