A Pinup Stumbles Through Her Recovery

Health issues of any sort can be scary. The whole not knowing thing. Doctors guessing and trying out different avenues before big procedures like MRI’s and CAT Scans. For me, this week has been insanely stressful in so many ways.

In a word: shenanigans!


I may seem serene in this photograph, but in reality life has been incredibly hard this past week. I have to function as if all is normal no matter what. Housework has to be done, my last two classes for my degree are well underway, the last week of summer vacation is slipping through our fingers, and I have a large military move to prepare for.

All while the world slowly spins in my mind.


And I mean badly, there are times when I lose focus and concentration over the littlest things. I have snapped at my husband and my children once or twice, which is something I do NOT like to do. It makes me feel weak, like I am falling prey to this spinning inside me. At this point I feel as if living on a houseboat would be the best thing for me, as I am already in motion all the time anyway!

First step according to the Doc, is to get off birth control completely (as if it actually helps anyway) and decrease my antidepressants back down to 25 mg. I am to watch myself carefully as these are huge changes and they can cause even more issues than what I am currently suffering through.


If these do not decrease the issues in the next month OR they get worse in the next two weeks, its the thyroid check. This is one I am most worried about because there have been members of my biological family that have had issues with their thyroids. But I also have had a fair amount of weight gain in the last month alone. And I am not talking 1 or 2 pounds but almost 15! My son even asked me if I had a baby in my “baby tummy” cause it was so big. Ahhh child…I love you but you take me down a peg for sure! This sort of fast weight gain is troubling to my doctor as there shouldn’t be any reason for something like that.


I want desperately to be healthy and to feel like I can run with this silly little soccer team we are raising. I want to leap, play hide and seek, and giggle with these crazy children that have enveloped my life.





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