A Pinup and the First EVER First Day of School

We did it!

We got through the first week of school!

Now for those of you who do not know, I recently had my oldest come into my life in a permanent sort of way. It has been a whirlwind few weeks. Prepping for him to arrive, getting him settled, and then getting him into school. My husband and I went from the parents of 3 under 4, to the parents of a Elementary School student. Which means we were thrust into the world of school appointments, meetings, and paperwork that we were a little unprepared for!


School has changed in so many ways since I was a child, so I have very little frame of reference for such a momentous event for a young child. Especially a young boy whose entire life has changed in a matter of a couple of weeks. I like to think that I have done the best I could do in preparing and helping him go through such a change.


He had more than just a little jitters for that first day of school, he downright had anxiety about it. I held his little hand tightly as we navigated our way through the crowds to his class, and I could feel his sweaty little fingers quake in mine. I pasted a big smile onto my face, trying my best to channel as much enthusiasm into my demeanor as possible in order to help him feel like it would be okay. Inside, I was crying. This was my first day of school as well. I had never woken up with him, made him that special first day of school breakfast, and I have never tearfully said goodbye as he waved me off. I was a Kindergarten Mom sending a Fourth Grader off to school!


But guess what? My tears dried, my fears eased, and we picked up that happy little boy. Happy because in his school, he was not the only new student…but one of dozens. Each one feeling those same intensified feelings of anxiety and nervousness that he was going through. And that helped him to understand that he was going to be okay, that although this period of time would be a little rough to get through he was not going through it alone.

1 thought on “A Pinup and the First EVER First Day of School”

  1. God bless you and your brood. I’ve taught forth grade science. They can be a bit challenging but they are always fun! Logan will do very will under your wing!


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