A Pinup Gets Real

When you are a mom of many, you hear it all. From the kind “Oh bless your hearts” to the “Oh wow! Didn’t you try birth control?” to the extremes of the passive aggressive ” Oh I could NEVER have that many kids, the world is just SO overpopulated. ”

Yep…heard it all and even seen it all. When I was pregnant and carting around my two toddlers whilst running errands I looked a hot mess, I assure you. So there were dirty looks just flying in from everywhere! I knew what they were thinking, Baby Machine Dependa. 


 It has become just a part of life for me. People judge my family without knowing our circumstances. So if you have met me in public and received the “These are the Birth Controls that have failed me” explanation, it is because of the judgment that has been passed upon me.

I literally feel as if I have to explain to complete strangers why my family is so large. And it is just honestly annoying…I shouldn’t have to feel so anxious and guilty over my family.

Yes, life kind of threw us a curveball…or two or three BUT we stepped up to the plate and knocked those suckers out of the park. We try hard to raise our children to the best of our abilites. And it shows, it shows in those special snuggles, those off the wall silly songs we make up about each kiddo, and each giggle until someone says “I’m gonna puke!” session.

 So to my eldest, kid…you did kinda say you wanted siblings, right??

And to Mr. Turkey, Ba Ba Booie, and Scoopin Doobers we are damned lucky to have you goofy kiddos in ours lives.

So don’t feel like you owe the world any damn explanation. Whether you are childfree, have just one, or have a small soccer team like we do…you are awesome!

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