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A Pinup Says a Heartfelt Thank You!

Recently, I entered in my first online Pinup Competition with The Pinup Registry. Fear, anxiety, and trepidation raced through me as I hit the send button on my application. Followed instantly with the thought of “WHY DID I DO THIS?!” Why did I even open myself up to be potentially hurt?


I have recently been putting myself out there in ways I honestly never would have. I organized a (FAILED) Pinups and Pins bowling party, organized a (Successful) Vintage Photo Shoot for some local ladies (With a real Hudson Hornet and an amazing local Photographer), and this…entered and then won my first online pinup competition!


This means this month has been filled with extreme highs and lows. It has also shown me that no matter what, pinup is something that brings people together. I want nothing more than to share that feeling with everyone I meet. So from the bottom to the tip-top of my heart, THANK YOU. Thank you so much for showing me that although many of my days are filled with dirty diapers, wiping countless stains, and silly snuggles with my children…I am more than “just a mom” or “spouse” or “dependa” or whatever else someone may want to label me with!


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