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A Pinup’s Review- Lady V London’s Elsie Dress

Courtney Elmore

Recently, I met a very kind hearted man who was also the owner of a beautiful Hudson Hornet. I wanted so badly to be photographed with this amazing piece of history and thankfully he agreed! The next step was to get a photographer on board, which was quite easy as Wide Aperture is always ready for an amazing photoshoot!


Thus the vintage shoot was born! I organized a session for myself and a few other lovely ladies in order to bring a little more love to the vintage scene here in Germany. And it was a smash hit! The other models were phenomenally gorgeous and I am so happy that they were able to have such an experience.


Now, onto my dress, which is by Lady V London. I stepped completely out of my comfort zone. Although I love my body for all it has done for my children…I am still more than just a little self conscious of my lumps and bumps. But as soon as I slipped on this dress, I felt like Marilyn sashaying across the dining room of the SS Ile de France.


This dress is a curvy hugging phenom. When I looked back at my beautiful photos I was shocked at the figure of the woman in front of my eyes! This dress helped me to realize that my body is beautiful, curvy, and voluptuous in all the right ways.


The fabric itself has a little more give, which is perfect for such a style. It has a silky feel that glides over your skin, helping to reduce fabric bunching in “problem areas.” And the color of the pattern is vibrant and full of life.


To sum up how I feel about this dress in one phrase: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I adored this dress before I even bought it, and after seeing myself wearing it…I want more!

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