A Pinup is Heartbroken

As many of the world watched with bated breath, I desperately waited for answers. You see, during the horrors of Sunday in Las Vegas…it was Monday morning in Germany and I was terrified for my family and friends who live there. With no response to my questions of whether or not they were okay I began to lose my control. Sobbing each time a new bit of information hit the internet, anxiety causing my heart to race uncontrollably…it was terrifying. What was all the more heartbreaking was the simple knowledge that I was not alone. Thousands of other families were feeling this same gut wrenching fear all at once.

Was my country music loving Aunt safe?

How about my cousins, who I used to get into all sorts of shenanigans with when we were younger?

My hard working uncle?

What about my grandfather?

And the ever courageous CC and her family?

Hours felt so long that day…I felt as if I aged a thousand years waiting for any news.

Then came the all clear from my family: Everyone is safe

Just those words had the power to bring me to my knees. After hours of pacing, worrying, and crying I knew that at least my family was safe and out of harms way.

To everyone who lost loved ones, had loved ones injured in the attack, or were injured themselves; I grieve for you and what you have lost. I hope that your heart somehow heals from the pain you are feeling both of body and heart.

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