A Pinup and the SICKNESS

It struck me hard. One minute I was shopping with my family, the next I was a horrid mess laying on the couch in my fluffiest robe and pjs.

The sickness had struck. I was one of those few poor souls that had caught the flu from my flu shot. Not surprising though, as I have always had a weaker immune system. But this…this hit me harder than anything had in years. Even now, two weeks later, I am still dealing with the ramifications of the flu.

I am thankful that during this time, my husband and father in law were able to help out so much with the children. Because I was a mess. I had trouble taking care of myself let alone four crazy kiddos and two goofball dogs!

Theraflu, Chicken Noodle Soup, and Hot Toddies were my menu for days. I missed tasting food and I desperately missed being myself! No pinup gear at all when you can’t even stand to set your hair.

But thankfully, between them and my tea dealer, Tweedle Dee Tea, I slowly recovered to the point in which life was bearable again.


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