Military, Motherhood

A Pinup is Moving


It’s a natural part of military life. Every few years, you put your life into boxes and hope for the best. 

Well this month it’s our first ever big move with the entire family. The last few weeks have been filled with boxes, sorting, donations, and cranky kids. And frankly, this mama is tired.

We are constantly bouncing from one emergency to the next. Sending paperwork, signing documents, flying all over the area to appointment after appointment; and it’s not going to get any easier. Once we actually leave here, we will move into a hotel and play the waiting game. And hopefully our furniture will arrive sooner than the three months we had to wait the last time we moved. Our kids have been suffering from “toy withdrawal” which has caused me more than a few moments of pure frustration. 

But through it all. Through each and every bit of stress I feel a deep sense of excitement. Growing up in a military family meant moving was a part of my life from the very beginning which means I thrive on change! 

A new area, a new home to decorate, new people to meet. It is so exciting to me! I may feel sadness for what I’m leaving behind, but I carry those memories and loved ones in my heart forever. Each location and friend add to that love, and give me fond memories to muse over whenever I want.

So for those of you going through the same thing right now, I applaud you. And I hope that you are getting through it all with more grace than I am! Been living in active wear for days, hair thrown in a messy bun, and acne strewn across my face. But we will get through it, eventually.


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