A Pinup has a House

I see it pop up in my newsfeed, sometimes as much as few times a day. Which Hogwarts House do you belong in? Sometimes they are quizzes, sometimes you pick and choose. But no matter what I’ll always super cheat to get Gryffindor.

I freely admit it! If the question asks what I would do if a troll was found in the dungeon, you best believe I’m selecting “search for my friend in the girls bathroom and fight off the troll when we get there.” Yes, no matter what I do my best to ensure that I get the house I know I belong to.There

Why am I so certain? Because it takes a great deal of courage to speak openly about assault, mental health, and the struggles I face and have faced. To put my faults out there for any and all to see, and hopefully gain courage themselves from it. See there were times in the past in which I did not have this courage, so having it now makes it all the more important to me. 

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