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A Pinup Loves Volunteering

With moving back to the U.S. comes the ease of being able to do so many things. Going to the store, making a craft, having a repair done…so much easier in my home country!

Then I also ran into the issue of what to do with what little free time I had. I just wanted a way to give back in any way I could. It was then that I decided to join an organization that I hold near and dear to my heart, Pinups for Patriots!

So far, I have had the pleasure of a conference call with the local ladies of my platoon with a date for a fun get together next month. (I am breaking out my camera for some good ol pinup photography!) These wonderful women gave me so much hope that this will be an amazing organization to volunteer for!

However, even Florida hasn’t escaped the recent cold snap, so I feel like much of what we could do is hampered by this. But I am looking forward to all that we will be able to accomplish in the future. Here is to a great year!

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