A Pinup Loves to Read

Reading, writing, photography, snuggles with my husband…

These are a few examples of things I enjoy doing for self care. They help fill my cup so that I can continue to care for my family.

Sometimes the days are so hard though. My children are all in so many different stages of life. One has been removed from general education in order to help him succeed. One has started his first week of the voluntary preschool program here in Florida. One is extremely jealous that her brothers get to go to school. And one is teething what feels like all his teeth at once.

With all of these things going on at once it just takes the wind right out of my sails. Especially the issues with my first born. I can’t help but feel like I have failed my child. To have a doctor explain that he is borderline intellectually disabled. To see test after test show lower and lower scores. I feel like a failure. It has been so awfully hard, but I refuse to let him see it. I don’t want HIM to feel like he has failed. And for the most part, I feel as if he is taking everything thrown at him and doing his best.

And when I hear him speak. I hear his emotional empathy, his anger at things he considers wrong, and his love of all things mechanical. And I know we are now doing all we can to help him succeed. We are making sure his own individual needs are being met in school.

So in the meantime, I will do everything I can for him. Playing fun flashcard games. Encouraging his love for building. Reading to him, listening to him read, as well as having him see me reading a good book now and then as well.

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