A Pinup Talks Sex


Sex is incredibly important in a marriage involving two people who desire it.

But let’s face it! Sex after kids?


We moms are touched out, scared of pain, and more than likely have body confidence issues after those babies arrive.

My relationship was no different. After Ben was born my depression, body confidence issues, and constant exhaustion really hurt my relationship with my husband.

So after we got settled in, here in our new home I decided damnit! It’s time to focus on us! My body will NEVER look like it did post kids. I have extremely loose skin, stretch marks that create a map on my body, and busted veins that just add a little color here and there (okay everywhere) But this body? My husband desires it. And quite frequently I might add!

So recently we did something extra special for us. We had sex every day for a week. We focused on our relationship as soon as the kiddos were all tucked in. Sometimes this meant late nights, but it was so important to us. We needed to get back that intense love and that sexual relationship that we had sorely neglected.

And guess what?

My libido, who had left the building on a permanent hiatus, came back. Stronger than ever. Suddenly I am focusing on us far more than the next chore. Because to me, while my children are important, my relationship and the love I share with my husband is the most important. And I cannot neglect us any more.

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