A Pinup Has Body Confidence

“What does body confidence mean to you?”

A question asked posed to me in my DMs left me pondering what DID body confidence mean to me?

As a mother of four, I can tell you that certain parts of me have seen better days. Lack of sleep, poor diet, and multiple pregnancies have taken their toll. But recently, I have decided I will embrace this body and wear things that I love!

Those old thoughts of “will anyone notice my arm fat?” Or “can anyone see my mum tum through this?” Are instead met with a rebellious WHO CARES! Who cares what others think? Their opinions do not define who I am. And I am not the sum of my “imperfections.”


That is what body confidence means to me. Knowing that this body of mine is not only beautiful in it’s imperfections but it can lift a heavy box, knows the perfect time to hug a crying child, and just how to hold a baby to snuggle it to sleep.

And to me, that makes it perfect.

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