A Pinup’s Favorite Lipstick

Red lips, bright and vibrant, are a staple of the pinup look. Whether from a tube or a stick, we can all agree that lipstick has come a long way from using crushed berries and bugs. There are many brands and colors coveted around the world and I have tried a great many!

My personal favorite, due to it’s inexpensiveness and quality is Milani’s Liquid Lipstick. Which I can find in my local Walmart!

It has an impressive staying power that often lasts through eating, drinking, and kisses on all of my goofy kiddos cheeks. Removal can be a bit of work and I have to use one makeup wipe just for my lips. But you can’t beat how much this lip color wants to stay! And as long as you practice filling in your lips fully, you won’t need a lip liner. Which was a skill I had to learn and perfect over time.

I currently own three shades of red and one shade of pink and honestly, I would love to buy all the shades and colors they offer!

Remember though, what works for me may not necessarily work for someone else. But I do adore this brand so much!

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