A Pinup and Her Garden


Life kind of felt the way my garden had begun to look. Full of weeds, trash, and dead plants…it had become a huge eyesore. Kind of like how badly I was treating my own mental health. I’ve been dealing with a lot lately, and rather than taking time for self care, I’ve been wallowing.


So today I broke out the gardening gloves, raked out those weeds, and tended my garden. Before long I felt my spirit lifting as I created something beautiful where before there was such chaos.

Fall may not seem like the best time to plant, but here in sunny Florida, it’s still hot and sultry! Sometimes to my absolute dismay, I mean I love being able to accessorize with petticoats, sweaters, and stockings!

My garden bed already had a great blend of garden soil, so it was relatively easy to churn it up with some fresher soil. Which made breaking ground for my new beautiful mums all that easier.

All in all, I am so proud of the work I was able to accomplish today! Gardening not only helped with my curb appeal, but also helped boost my spirits! So take the time to create some beauty in nature! Make a fairy garden in a pot, tend a flower bed, or get a new houseplant. You will be surprised at the instant little uplift you feel!

As always and with love,



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