A Pinup in the New Year

So often we say “New year, new me!” And then completely overwhelm ourselves trying to change anything and everything about us that is deemed “unworthy.”

This year, I’m hoping that will eventually be the case. Now, don’t worry, I don’t mean what you think I mean.

I mean…

I want to take a deep breath without feeling tightness in my chest.

I want to reach behind my ear and not feel the large lump behind it.

I want to wear a belt or a bra without feeling my enlarged spleen or lymph nodes pressing against them.

I want to walk around a store without having to take a three hour nap.

I want to go through one day without feeling so weakened and tired that I cannot function.

So those are my resolutions. To get a firm diagnosis, to get treatment, and to finally feel like a “new me.”

With Love,


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