A Pinup Can Breath

I have finally picked up my laptop again, after months of being in a dark place. Being sick not only had me down and out physically, but also mentally. Cracks in my mental health started to cause me issues not only with my depression, but my PTSD began to rear its ugly head again. Thank goodness for my husband during this awful time, because the isolation due to my sickness really did not do me any favors and his tender attention helped me get through what was one of the hardest times of my life.

And this mystery illness? Although the first few doctors may have jumped to a premature conclusion, I finally got an answer thanks to one of the many tests I underwent. The Epstein-Barr Virus. Yep, Mononucleosis of all things had me so down and out that I began to lose my hair, had massively swollen lymph nodes/spleen/liver, and could barely move around. During this time, I relied heavily on my husband and family not only for help with the day to day, but also with keeping me sane!

Photo by Inspired by You Photography LLC

It was also thanks to social media that I was able to keep in contact with friends and family afar who checked in on me constantly to make sure I was okay. The beautiful Battlin’ Betties, the wonderful Key Spouses of the 11th, my kind and lovely friend and photographer from Inspired by You Photography, and many many others who made sure I didn’t feel forgotten as my body raged battle against EBV.

Now, it is almost my 32nd birthday and I am finally starting to be able to do more. Getting out of bed no longer feels like running a mile and rolling my hair at night isn’t a herculean effort. I still have so far to go, as I still have issues with fatigue and my spleen hurting. But, I can count my blessings as there are so many others who are not as lucky as I was during the discovery process of my illness. So many beautiful souls undergo cancer treatment each and every day, and my thoughts and love go out to them fiercely.

With Love,


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