A Pinup Brunched with the Betties

The Battlin’ Betties, wow…what a wonderful group of women to be a part of! Not only do we help those in need, but we also have created a bond of sisterhood together that allows us to work and play hard. Our meetings and meet ups have become something I look forward to each and every month.

This month, we met at The Pensacola Fish House and had a delicious and productive brunch meeting. We met our new leadership, wished Miss Donna Dee good luck during her long weeks of training, and of course made tons of plans for wonderful events to come!

The Battlin’ Betties have grown so much in this past year it astounds me. I have seen it grow from just a handful of Betties to a massive gathering of women who are laser focused on making our organization brilliant. We are all so very excited for what the future holds and cannot wait to show you all what we are capable of.

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