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A Pinup’s Struggles with PTSD

Hello to everyone ❤️ I haven't shared this yet, as it is something deeply personal to me and I struggled with the symptoms for quite some time before I finally sought help in 2010. See, while I was active duty I was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which is otherwise known as PTSD. I still… Continue reading A Pinup’s Struggles with PTSD

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A Pinup’s Review- Lady V London’s Elsie Dress

Recently, I met a very kind hearted man who was also the owner of a beautiful Hudson Hornet. I wanted so badly to be photographed with this amazing piece of history and thankfully he agreed! The next step was to get a photographer on board, which was quite easy as Wide Aperture is always ready… Continue reading A Pinup’s Review- Lady V London’s Elsie Dress

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A Pinup Says a Heartfelt Thank You!

Recently, I entered in my first online Pinup Competition with The Pinup Registry. Fear, anxiety, and trepidation raced through me as I hit the send button on my application. Followed instantly with the thought of "WHY DID I DO THIS?!" Why did I even open myself up to be potentially hurt? I have recently been… Continue reading A Pinup Says a Heartfelt Thank You!