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A Pinup Says a Heartfelt Thank You!

Recently, I entered in my first online Pinup Competition with The Pinup Registry. Fear, anxiety, and trepidation raced through me as I hit the send button on my application. Followed instantly with the thought of "WHY DID I DO THIS?!" Why did I even open myself up to be potentially hurt? I have recently been… Continue reading A Pinup Says a Heartfelt Thank You!

Depression, Motherhood

A Pinup’s Tangled Emotions

Ecstatic, Scared, Anxious, Overwhelmed Emotions completely flood through my system, each one a surge of adrenaline and a shock to my system. Something that I have been hoping, praying...begging for is finally happening. My son is coming home. After seven years of torment and pain, I will finally get a chance to raise my son.… Continue reading A Pinup’s Tangled Emotions


A Pinup’s Trip to the Doctor

Earlier in the week, I noticed that my prescription of Sertraline was down to its last week. Which made me begin to think honestly about how I was truly feeling. Where they helping? Should I begin the weaning process? How did I really think I was in terms of my recovery? In all honesty? I… Continue reading A Pinup’s Trip to the Doctor


A Pinup’s Review- Lady V London

Charlotte Dress - Beautiful Birds on Blue What a dress! Oh what a dress! I felt immeasurably gorgeous in this dress, and isn't that what clothing is all about? When I saw this dress, I had to have it. The beautiful pattern and deep rich color called out to my peacock color loving soul. The… Continue reading A Pinup’s Review- Lady V London


A Pinup’s Review – Lady V London

B-A-N-A-N-A-S! What a fun print, I mean who doesn't love a good ol' banana dress? I know my children certainly appreciated my choice in fabric. Monkey noises and banana requests were slung in my direction all day! The cut of the dress was so very flattering, it hugged my body without being too tight within… Continue reading A Pinup’s Review – Lady V London


A Pinup on the Fourth of July!

Independence Day! That day of celebration, fireworks, and food! This year was more laid back as you can imagine with three little ones in tow, but we still managed to have fun all the same. I also wanted to be very festive while staying within my beloved 50s look. So I broke out all of… Continue reading A Pinup on the Fourth of July!