Depression, Motherhood

A Pinup’s Tangled Emotions

Ecstatic, Scared, Anxious, Overwhelmed Emotions completely flood through my system, each one a surge of adrenaline and a shock to my system. Something that I have been hoping, praying...begging for is finally happening. My son is coming home. After seven years of torment and pain, I will finally get a chance to raise my son.… Continue reading A Pinup’s Tangled Emotions


A Pinup’s Trip to the Doctor

Earlier in the week, I noticed that my prescription of Sertraline was down to its last week. Which made me begin to think honestly about how I was truly feeling. Where they helping? Should I begin the weaning process? How did I really think I was in terms of my recovery? In all honesty? I… Continue reading A Pinup’s Trip to the Doctor

Depression, Motherhood

A Pinup’s Musings on Being Broken

Kintsugi or kintsukuroi is a beautiful Japanese practice of taking and repairing broken ceramics with a special lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum. This act shows us that even broken, something can turn out even more beautiful in the end. The same goes for people. Even the most broken of people can find the strength… Continue reading A Pinup’s Musings on Being Broken

Motherhood, Pinup

A Pinup’s Thoughts on Saying Goodbye

As you may know, not only am I a veteran but I am also married to a service member. This means goodbyes have become an all too frequent part of my life. What makes this "See Ya Later" even more bittersweet is the simple fact that I feel like we had just realized how wonderful… Continue reading A Pinup’s Thoughts on Saying Goodbye