A Pinup’s Review – Lady V London

B-A-N-A-N-A-S! What a fun print, I mean who doesn't love a good ol' banana dress? I know my children certainly appreciated my choice in fabric. Monkey noises and banana requests were slung in my direction all day! The cut of the dress was so very flattering, it hugged my body without being too tight within… Continue reading A Pinup’s Review – Lady V London


A Pinup’s Review- Lady Voluptuous

As a woman who has given birth to four seemingly watermelon-sized children, I have found myself to be a little more curvy than I was when I was 18. Although my body has changed dramatically, I am learning to love each curve, scar, and mark. Dressing in the fashions of yesteryear always makes me happy,… Continue reading A Pinup’s Review- Lady Voluptuous

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A Pinup’s Thoughts on Saying Goodbye

As you may know, not only am I a veteran but I am also married to a service member. This means goodbyes have become an all too frequent part of my life. What makes this "See Ya Later" even more bittersweet is the simple fact that I feel like we had just realized how wonderful… Continue reading A Pinup’s Thoughts on Saying Goodbye